Services Overview


Finance and HR business transformation has been our core business for many years now. Building on a global experience with Big-4 advisory firms, we have created our own, high quality business services portfolio and took it to the next level. We know how to build Enabling Functions’ business strategies and how to develop transformation plans accordingly.

Cloud and SaaS have no secrets for us. Our passion is contagious and we are happy to see how our clients also get passionate about adapting the way they run their Finance and HR business to cope with new business challenges.


We have implemented ERP solutions across the globe since the 90’s and have adapted our delivery approach from a classical client-server environment to a modern and agile Cloud based architecture.

We build our delivery on a large set of competencies as well as on a variety of focused tools and templates to make sure the client pays for real value.

We deliver our implementations services in full partnership with the client and together we focus on pragmatic results.


Our aim is to be long-term resource partners to our clients and candidates and, order to facilitate this, we adhere to our core values:

• Transparency – we are open and honest about what we can, and cannot, deliver, the whole recruitment process and what we charge for our services.
• Ethics – we work hard to provide the best possible service to our clients and candidates and we promise always to act in your best interests.
• Compliance – we always ensure that all parties operate within the employment and taxation rules of each country.


Building on our extensive implementation knowledge and experience, we deliver hands on – real time to our customers.

A dedicated team of experts and specialists is supporting the client’s daily business, making sure there as little disruption as possible in the operations.

We provide end-to-end support, from the daily how-to questions up to the most complex business queries.  


Functions Overview

Human Resources

Not just HRIS as we all know it since over 30 years, but a young and exciting way of looking at HR helps us to slightly re-invent the way business people are dealing with HR.

Financial Management

Not just general ledger and figures, but a new, flexible and adaptive way of dealing with conventional accountancy and financials brings more accuracy to business insights and a renewed way of dealing with Finance.


Whether it is in-house or out-sourced, Payroll is always part of our client’s HR and Shared Services scope. For many years, we deal with a large number of payroll providers and payroll engines. Our recommendations and solutions rely on a proven track record.

Time Tracking

Most businesses have an increased need of capturing time spend and absence data to have a detailed grip on their processes and understand improvement opportunities. Since a few years, Time Tracking also entered our HR Advisory and implementation service portfolio. We are now proud to have reached a fair level of maturity in this domain to help our clients efficiently.


Just on the edge between HR and Finance, Expenses management is now part of our standard offering. No need to say that Cloud is key to Expenses Management, especially in case of high mobile staff and global business expansion.